Evaluative Testing & Optimization

We understand that brand intelligence is a rolling process that morphs and stretches on a continual basis.  Incubating possibilities, fine-tuning ideas and optimizing products and services to be the most effective on a scalable basis, we are your research partner every step of the way.  We measure the WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHY easily, flawlessly and systematically.  Our toolkit is vast so that we can design the best project to maximize intelligence.

Concept and Idea Screens

Concept and Idea Screens

Our tried and true techniques insure your concepts are hitting the mark.  Or if they aren’t, we identify what’s falling short – and importantly – WHY.  We are experts in identifying the impactful positioning and use statistical methods to identify and prioritize the differentiating reasons-to-believe that shape R & D direction.  We have normative databases and the ability to sales forecast volume potential.

  • Idea Screens
  • Concept Testing Programs
  • Positioning and RTB Prioritization
  • Product Guidance, In-Home Product Tests
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Normative Database Management
  • Forecasting
  • Annual Performance Reviews

Product Testing

Product testing comes in many shapes and forms and we have extensive experience with them all – around the world. We have a long track record of conducting successful in-home use tests or central location studies – often with a qualitative component to probe further on areas that work well as well as those that don’t.

  • Sensory and Product Guidance
  • In-Home or Central Location Product Tests
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Normative Database Management
  • Annual Performance Reviews

Marketing Bundle Testing

Market Bundle Testing

We recognize that great concepts, products and services don’t live in a vacuum.  Their brand equity, name, packaging and shelf placement are equally important to overall success.  We use methods that are flexible and reliable at an early stage to give our clients the opportunity to adjust course and optimize the overall offering prior to more rigorous (and expensive) in-market testing.

  • Brand Equity
  • Name
  • Package
  • Pricing
  • Shelf Set Optimization

Tracking Studies

Get deeper insights on your brand, packaging, advertising and much more with tracking studies from Relevation. Choose a continuous tracking study for ongoing data and analysis, or take the pulse of a campaign at any point in time. We can help you define objectives, choose audience and tactics, and evaluate results to get the most from your research. Our studies are meticulously designed to be convenient for the subject, to eliminate bias and to maintain purity of results.

Don’t entrust your precious marketing budget to an automated one-size-fits-all survey utility. Our efficiencies and quality control ensure you get the best value for your research dollar.

  • Brand Health
  • Behavior and Attitudinal Tracking