Exploratory Qualitative

Reach People Where It Matters Most

From traditional moderator-led groups to innovative and multi-sensory formats, we enable powerful exploratory methods to deep dive the underlying category drivers by engaging consumers in ways that unveil real habits and patterns.


  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Shopalongs
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Employee Immersions
  • Mobile & Online
  • Video Diaries

Know Your Human Workshops

Our workshops can jumpstart ideation sessions or simply serve as human “check-ins” so that business decisions are made from your target’s unique point of view.
When marketing is driven by the core truths about your consumer, it is powerful. But human nature being what it is, we tend to make decisions based on our own experience with a product. . .not that of the end-user.

Our disciplined yet free-flowing process will help you understand your consumer beyond the demographics and objective data points. Amplifying key drivers to behavior layered by both social and aspirational norms – digs deeper to give the team the confidence to move forward in a more empathic way – making business decisions that matter because they are relevant.

Build A Company Wide Brand Panel

Co-creating new ideas and strategies with your target audience is always a win-win.  By pre-recruiting your audience you can regularly tap into their creativeness and storytelling to build category and brand  empathy that is fluid and up-to date.  Plus, you can get quick feedback to ideas before more scientific and projectable techniques are employed.

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